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Management Systems

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Management Systems
CRM system
Automate the complete sales cycle - from a potential customer to reorder.
ERP system
Optimize business processes, combine finances, supply chains, reporting, manage personnel.
Projects & services
Monitor and manage the projects or services of your business in one place.
Store, control access, use generations (of contracts, acts, forms, and more).
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Tasks and goals
At this stage, we help the client to more accurately determine and formulate goals and tasks. We ask leading questions and gather as much information.
We analyze the collected material and try to understand how clear is the final result. Is it possible to implement the project immediately or to divide it into stages.
We collect all the information together. We provide and affirm the development procedure, costs, and terms.
We try to gradually introduce the system, especially for those clients who have not worked with management systems (for example, CRM, ERP) yet. However, the process is always individual.
The development of such a system is not a one-time project. We support customers, and in some way become a part of the company.
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